PTU Counselling 2013 Fee and Payment


States and branches where counseling fees can be deposited

Following States are covered: Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu Kashmir, Bihar

Following Banks are available.

  • AXIS
  • SBOP

Basic intructions

  • Go to
  • Click on “PTU Counseling Fee”
  • Click on “Create Account” link under “Online Counseling – Payment”
  • Then fill up the details mentioned Below.
  • Students must follow these instructions, to avoid last minute reconciliation problems.

Instructions to fill up the counseling payment form

Fill up the details in the form as mentioned here:-

Select Course: Select course/courses for which you need to pay counseling fee. You can select multiple courses.

  •  If you select B.Tech., then enter your JEE Main Roll Number
  •  If you select MBA, then enter your CMAT Roll Number
  •  If you select any other course, roll number is NOT REQUIRED

Name: Enter your name
Email Id: Enter your email id
Date Of Birth: Enter your date of birth by clicking on calendar icon to select the date
Father’s Name: Enter your father’s name
Address: Enter your address
Mobile No.: Enter your mobile number
Phone No.: Enter your phone number {This field is not mandatory}
State: Select state

City: Select city

  • Click on Create Account and Pay Fee.
  • (After clicking on this button, you will be registered in the system and taken to counseling fee payment screen)
  • You will receive a confirmation email confirming your registration and your login-id and password.

Instructions for making counseling fee payment

On the screen, select the courses for which you want to make fee payment.

  • For each selected course the counseling fee is Rs 2000.00
  • For example, If you select two courses to make counseling fee payment then your total counseling fee payment would be Rs. Six Thousand

Select mode of payment:

  • Cash or Credit Card or Debit Card
  • and click on “Make Payment” button

To pay by Cash, select “Mode of Payment” as “Cash” :-

If “Mode of payment” is selected as “Cash” then fill up the following fields to deposit fee.

  • State: Select state. {Only those states will show for which bank branches are available}
  • City: Select city. {Only those cities will show for which bank branches are Available}
  • Bank name: Select bank name
  • Bank branch name: Select bank branch name (You can view the available branch lists of selected banks below)

You need to print E-Slip form for each selected course and deposit it in the selected branch

To generate individual E-Slip form for a course, click on “Click to print E-Slip form”

To generate E-Slip form for all courses together, click on button “Print All E-Slip forms” (Once the cash E-Slip form is generated, you will not be able to generate E-Slip form(s) for another bank or branch.)

You need to deposit the E-Slip form(s) at the selected bank branch

Please do ask the bank clerk to enter four required fields in their system (Roll Number, Name, Amount, E-Slip Number)

Please take proper stamped confirmation receipt from the bank (the bottom half of the E-Slip Form) You will get email verification once your payment has been received by Punjab Technical University.

  • After the Cash has been deposited, it will take minimum 3 Business days for activation of account.

If “Mode of payment” is selected as “Credit/ Debit card” then fill up the following fields to deposit fee.

  • Card holder’s name: Enter card holder’s name
  • Card holder’s address: Enter card holder’s address
  • Card holder’s email id: Enter card holder’s email id
  • Card holder’s phone no.: Enter card holder’s phone no.

After submitting it will take you to HDFC payment gateway and here you need to fill up credit/ debit card’s details and then make the payment. If the payment will be successful then it will give you the option to print receipt else you need to make the payment again.

Only Credit Cards with “Visa” or “Master Card” logo are accepted. This is a 3D secured verification payment gateway which requires use of a password for credit cards. Please contact your bank to make sure your credit card is activated for online payments

Only Debit Cards with “Visa” or “Master Card” logo are accepted. This is a 3D secured verification payment gateway which requires use of your debit card pin number and activation by your bank. Please contact your bank to make sure your debit card is activated for online payments.

In case of a Successful transaction, you shall be automatically taken to your login account at where – the receipt can be printed from the screen
In case of unsuccessful transaction, you have to try again.

  •  After completing this process you will just complete the PTU counseling fee process
  •  Please visit PTU website( for further instructions
  •  PTU Accounts Support Center:
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: +91 -8427718400, +91-8427718500

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