Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota B.Ed. Entrance Test 2014

Introduction (About University)

Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University was established in 1987 by on Act of Rajasthan state legislative Assembly. The government felt that in India even after several year of Independence, chances to reach higher education are unequal and insufficient. Keeping in view the limitations to tradition Education system this university was established on the principles of Distance Education system, to uplift the weaker and deprived sections of society, women and employed persons and provide chance to have educational qualification along with the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

B.Ed. Entrance Test

VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Results

VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Results

VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Results will be available in April 2014. Please visit the page again for further updates.

VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Results

VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Results are given below.

Category Wise Roll numbers of successful candidates who appeared and passed the B.Ed. Entrance Test EXAM. held on April, 2013

VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Results

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Sample Question Paper

VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper
VMOU B.Ed. 2013 Sample Question Paper

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Instructions and Guidance for Exam

1. Examination will be held as per schedule given above. No candidate shall be admitted to examination hall after 30 minutes of commencement of examination.

2. A seat marked with Roll Number will be allotted to each candidate. The candidate should ensure that he/she occupying the allotted seat only. Any candidate discovered to have occupied the seat of another candidate shall be removed from the examination hall and has to also accept any other penalty imposed on him/her by the Centre Superintendent.

3. Candidates are required to bring their own H.B. pencil or black ball point pen for answering their question paper. They must not take any text books or notes, log tables, calculators and any other objectionable material in the examination hall/room.

4. Candidate should read carefully the instructions and the questions in the Question paper (Booklet) before he/she begins to write answers.

5. All Question Papers will be set both in English as well as in Hindi.

6. Additional Question paper Booklet will not be issued to a candidate under any circumstances.

7. Soon after the question paper booklet is given to the candidate, he/she should ensure within 10 minites that it contains all the Questions and the Answer-sheet. If there is any discrepancy, he/ she should point out this at once to the invigilator.

8. Before attempting the answers, the candidate shall write his/her Roll Number, date etc. at the place provided for the purpose on the Question paper Booklet and answer-sheet. The candidate should indicate the answer in the space square provided for the purpose in the answersheet of the booklet itself, otherwise his/her answer will not be evaluated.

9. The candidate should not write his/her name or mark any place in the test-booklet or on answer sheet which may disclose his identity Noncompliance of this rule shall be treated as use of unfair means and punishable as per rules. No candidate shall leave his/her seat during the examination without the permission of the invigilator incharge. He shall not leave the examination hall until he/she has handedover his/her answere-sheet even though it may be blank.

10. During the course of examination, the candidate shall be under the discipline and control of the Centre Superintendent.

11. Candidate found acting in a manner, which in the opinion of the invigilator, is liable to give unfair advantage to another candidate, shall be forthwith suspended from the examination of the day by the Centre Superintendent.

12. The invigilators, the Flying Squad and the Examination Supervisory staff and observers appointed by the University shall be competent to frisk any candidate to find out whether the candidate possesses any objectionable material or not . Candidate possessing objectionable material or resisting search shall be punishable as per rules of unfair means.

13. Candidate resorting to the use of unfair means shall be turned out of the examination hall/room and his candidature for the B.Ed. Entrance Test shall be treated as cancelled. Further he/she can be debarred for next one or two years on the grounds of indiscipline in the examination hall. The Centre Superintendent shall be the sole judge to determine whether unfair means has been resorted to or not by the candidate. He will submit the report stating full facts of the case to the officer incharge, for further necessary action.

14. Urinals used for examinees shall be provided by the Centre & every examine shall be required to use one of these urinals only.

15. Smoking and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the examination hall/ room.

16. In case the original Admission Card is lost, its duplicate copy may be obtained by Submitting an application to the Centre Superintendent with a payment of Rs. 5/-. The result of the test will be declared by V.M.O. University, Kota and will be published in all leading dailies of Rajasthan. No Interim enquires on telephone or post regarding the result will be attended to by the Examination Section of V. M. Open University, Kota.

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Subjects with Codes


A Candidate has to select two teaching subjects from the following list on the basis of subjects offered at the Graduation and Post-Graduation level.

Candidate having History, Geography, Political Science (Civics), Economics,Sociology, Public Administration and Rajasthani at Graduation level can select social studies as one the teaching subject.

General Science as one of the teaching subjects can be offered only by Science Graduate, B.Sc and M.Sc. Home Science Graduates and Post Graduates.

Science Graduates can selected their second teaching subject on the basis of subjects offered at Post-Graduate level.

A Candidate who has offered Political Science or Public Administration at Graduateor PostGraduate level can select Civics as one of the teaching subject.

Candidates having Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology subject combination at Graduation level should not fill this form as they will not get admission.

Student with vocational courses are not eligible for this course.

Students those who are “Shastri and Acharya” with Sanskrit are not eligible to get admission in this University.

Those students who did Bachelor of Physical Education are not eligible to get admission in this University.

Candidats those who are having technical degree are not eligible for B.Ed Programme.

B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. honours candidate must have study the subsidary subject at least two years. then only they will be eligible to this programme.

One year sitting/ Two year graduation are not eligible for this course.

Higher secondary till 1989 with PUC with graduate are eligible for this course.

List of Teaching Subjects with Codes

  1. Teaching of General Science -BED 09
  2. Teaching of Social Studies -BED 10
  3. Teaching of English -BED 11
  4. Teaching of Hindi -BED 12
  5. Teaching of Sanskrit -BED 13
  6. Teaching of Chemistry -BED 14
  7. Teaching of Biology -BED 15
  8. Teaching of Mathematies -BED 16
  9. Teaching of Physics -BED 17
  10. Teaching of Geography -BED 18
  11. Teaching of Economics -BED 19
  12. Teaching of History -BED 20
  13. Teaching of Civics -BED 21
  14. Teaching of Home Science -BED 22
  15. Teaching of Business Organisation -BED 23
  16. Teaching of Financial Accountancy – BED 24

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Question Paper Pattern

The question paper shall consist of the following Six Sections

Section A

Mental Ability shall consist of 25 objective type (Multiple Choice) questions to test the following abilities : –

  1. Reasoning
  2. Imagination
  3. Judgement
  4. Creative Thinking
  5. Generalization
  6. Drawing Inferences etc.

Section B

Teaching Aptitude shall consist of 25 objective type (Multiple Choice) questions to test the following abilities : –

  1. Teaching Profession
  2. Teaching Learning Process-Learner and Teacher.
  3. Social involvement
  4. Experimentations & Innovations pertaining to School activities
  5. Professional Ethics etc.
  6. Teaching Abilities such as Kindness, Cooperation, Patience, Fairness, Wide Interest, Discipline, Enthusiasm & Optimism.

Section C

General Awareness shall consist of 25 objective type (Multiple Choice)questions to test the following areas : –

  1. Current (National & International) Affairs
  2. Indian History & Culture
  3. India and its Natural Resources
  4. Great Indian Personalities (Past and Present)
  5. Environmental Awareness.
  6. Awareness about Rajasthan

Section D

Language Proficiency (Hindi) consisting of 25 objective (Multiple choice) questions regarding proficiency in Hindi Language related to the followng aspects : –

  1. Spelling
  2. Sentence Structure (Simple & Compound)
  3. Comprehension/Unseen passage
  4. Functional Grammar
  5. Correct language usage

Section E :

Language Proficiency (English) consisting of 25 objective (Multiple Choice) questions regarding proficiency in English related to the similar aspects as mentioned in the case of Language Proficiency (Hindi).

Section F :

Subject Content : – Science/Commerce/Social Science : 25 objective type (Multiple Choice) questions on subject contents at Graduation level.

Candidate should select Section F on the basis of academic stream (Science/ Commerce/Social Science) from which he/she completed Graduation.

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Application Form

While filling the Application Form the Candidate should keep in mind the following guidelines:

The Code Number as given against each item in the Form must be mentioned correctly in the box given against each item.

Each entry in the Form should be made clearly and ligibly.

The Application Form shall not be entertained if:

  • Received after due date.
  • The photograph pasted on it is not recent/latest or not attested by I or II Class Magistrate or by the Dean/Principal of the College/University Teacher/Gazetted Officer.

The permission letter will be sent to the candidates at the address given by themon the self addressed envelope to be submitted by the candidate along with admission form (approx size 28cm x 12cm) ment for this purpose. If the letter is not received, they may collect their permission letter personally one day before the commencement of the examination from the office of the concerned Regional Centre Superintendent. Student can download it from University website.

The answer-sheets of Test shall not be subjected to production before any Court (Civil or Criminal) of Law or before the candidate or anybody else on his behalf or before any internal or external authority of the University.

Application Form
VMOU B.Ed. Application Form 2014 will be available in March 2014. Please visit the page again for VMOU B.Ed. Application Form.

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Guidelines

The candidate should read the rules as well as GENERAL GUIDELINES veryca r e fully and comply with the same, failing which his/her candidature for B.Ed Programme will stand cancelled.

The Candidate has to verify his/her eligibility to appear in B. Ed. Entrance Test as there will be no scrutiny of Application Forms by the University prior to the B.Ed Entrance Test. All the applicants will appear in the B.Ed. Entrance Test at their own risk. Mere appearance in the B.Ed Entrance Test without fullfilling other essential condition will not confer any right to the candidate to be have admission to the B. Ed. Progarmme.

“ The University reserves the right to verify the academic qualification and teaching experience as specified by the candidate, as it deems fit at any point of time, if it is found incorrect the admission will be cancelled and fees forfeited.”

The candidate should verify himself/herself that he/she is eligible for selecting two teaching subjects as mentioned in the form under the heading ‘Name of Teaching Subjects’.

No correspondence regarding incomplete entries in the Admission/Examination Form will be entertained by the University after submission of admission form.


In the nature of a competitive test, no syllabus can be prescribed. However, the following pages contain a broad outline on which the candidate will be tested.

The B. Ed. Entrance Test Test will consist of one Question Paper containing six sections:

  1. Mental Ability
  2. Teaching Aptitude
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Proficiency in Hindi Language
  5. Proficiency in English Language
  6. Subject Knowledge-Social Science/Commerce and Science (any one of the three section to be opted by the candidate).

(Candidates should opt only are subject knowledge. In case of more than one, the result will be zero.)

(i) All the questions in the QUESTION PAPER will be OBJECTIVE TYPE.(Multiple choice questions with four alternative answers)
(ii) The paper will be set both in Hindi and English language.
(iii) The duration of paper shall be of 3 Hours.
(iv) Each part will contain twenty five questions and thus the question paper will contain a total of 150 questions in all.
(v) Each question will carry three marks and thus the question paper will beof 450 marks in all.
(vi) Full 3 marks will be awarded for each correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

Each part of the Question Paper will be in the form of a Test Booklet containing 25 questions bearing numbers 1,2,3,……………………….25. There will be fouralternatives (A),(B),(C) and (D) to each question. The candidate will be required to choose and indicate the correct answer from the given options in the form of A,B,C and D in the square corresponding to the question in the OMR sheet and darken the squares corresponding the question provided in the Question Paper.

For the benefit of the student a format of the OMR sheet is being provided separately along with the this form. Candidates are expected to know how to fill up various entries accordingly, besides discerning the way in which the correct options of the answers may be chosen and indicated.

The Merit-list of the candidates will be prepared on the basis of marks obtainedby them as per B. Ed. Entrance Test rules.

Please note, that the Category Code as mentioned by you in OMR sheet at the time of B.Ed. Entrance Test shall be final, irrespective of the fact that you may have filled any other category in your Entrance Test form. In case you wish to take benefit of more than and category (say women and S.C. or S.T. and O.B.C. or Divorcee and Widow etc.), please tick all such categories in your OMR sheet otherwise any such claim of yours will not be accepted later on.

If there is any controversy in any question the English version will be final.

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Counselling

After the declaration of results counselling will be held at the University campus in Kota. The list of successful candidates will be display on University website ( All the Candidate who have passed the B.Ed. Entrance Test Examination will have to be present at the venue communicated to them by the University. They have to report with all the original documents and one set of Attested photocopies at the time of Counselling. The Teaching Experience Certificate should be preferebly counter signed by the competent authority as mentioned in the Model “Teaching Experience Certificate”. This Certificate should not be in any language other than the one used in the Admission Form nor should it contain any statements other than those mention in the Admission Form. Any deviation from the above instructions may result in the cancellation of admission of the candidate.

The candidates should bring the following marksheet/ degrees/certificate at the time of counselling.

  1. Secondary School Exam Marksheet
  2. Senior Secondary School Exam Marksheet
  3. All three Year Marksheet
  4. Marksheet and Certificate of Passing Post Graduation.
  5. Certificate related to all claim for reservation mentioned by the candidate.
  6. Domicile Certificate.
  7. Teaching Experience Certificate.
  8. Affidavit attested by (in original) Notary for all claims related to change of name.

The candidate should enclose along with the form two self-addressed without stamp envelopes (approx. size 28cm x 12cm. )

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VMOU B.Ed. 2014 Selection Procedure

On the basis of performance in the B.Ed. Entrance Test a list of successful candidates will be made in order of merit, showing against each Candidate the marks obtained by him/her. Out of the total number of seats available in the Course the RESERVATION will be made as given under :

  1. For Candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste 16%
  2. For Candidate belonging to Scheduled Tribe 12%
  3. For Candidate belonging to O.B.C. 21%
  4. For Women Candidate (out of which 2% for Divorcee and Widow) 20%
  5. For Army Education Corps Personnel (self employee) 2%
  6. For Physically Handicapped 3%
  7. Special Backward categories (SBC) – 1%

Note :

(a) Candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe, & O.B.C./S.B.C. shall be required to produce a Certificate to that effect from the District Magistrate/ Sub-District Magistrate/Tehsildar in the prescribed format. They should also be the bonafide residents of the State of Rajasthan.

(b) Divorcee women candidates will have to produce an attested copy of the judgement from the Court to the effect that she has been divorced and the widow candidate shall be required to be produce a copy of the “DEATH CERTIFICATE” of her husband duly issued by the concerned Municipal Board/Corporation/Panchayat.

(c) For Army Education Corps Personnel a certificate from the Major of the Unit/ Secretary, Soldiers’ Board is to be produced. Dependent of army person’s are not eligible to take this benifit in this category.

(d) For Physically Handicapped a Disability Certificate from the concerned D.M.H.O. is to be produced.

(e) Applicants Eligibility conditions are as per NCTE norms which can be changed from time to time. University will not be responsible for any change in Eligibility conditions of applicant.

University has right to cancel the admission of student at any time if information given by him/ her will found in correct.


Placement of Candidate at a Study Centre

A candidate will be allotted a Study Centre on the basis of his/her merit in the Entrance Test. The University has its Study Centres at the following places and the candidates have to mark 1,2,3,4,5,6 in order of their priority. Seats are reserved for every Regional Centre. The strength of the students at one Regional Centre would be Maximum 100.

The University reserves the right to place any student at any Study Centre. Therefore, students will be placed as per the vacancy of the seats at different Regional Centres and by the priority preference given by the students.

A candidate will be allotted a Study Centre on the basis of his/her merit in the Entrance Test.

The University has Six Study Centres at the following places. Candidates have to mark 1,2,3,4,5,6, in order to show their priority preference.

  1. Ajmer
  2. Bikaner
  3. Jaipur
  4. Jodhpur
  5. Kota
  6. Udaipur

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